mintdesigns participated in the production of Green Ribbon · Charity Watch. “Green Ribbon · Charity Watch” collaborated with paper watch “Pappwatch” from Germany · Berlin. mintdesigns also participates in the design as a creator. I hope that even a single person will be impatient for many people to think about the intention to provide organs.

[What’s Green Ribbon Campaign?]
Green ribbon is a symbol of global transplant medical care. Green means growth and new life, expressing the connection between the organ donor (donor) tied by “Gift of life” (gift of life) and the life of the patient who needs transplantation (recipient) I will.
(Public Corporation) The Japan Organ Transplant Network and other related organizations are developing green ribbon campaigns mainly for the organ transplant penetration promotion month of October every year in order to have more people understand transplant medical care . It is aimed at a society where people who can provide organs and people who want to receive transplants are tied together and more lives are saved.


Green ribbon official
We will donate part of sales to transplant medical promotion activities.
Charity watch is on sale at official website.